Beall Avenue Streetscape

Wooster, Ohio

This project first began with a Master Plan for improvements along 6,000’ of roadway on a major thoroughfare that connects downtown, residential and commercial areas and the College of Wooster campus. The $8 million project is financed through a combination of funds from the City and the College of Wooster, as well as a $2 million Federal grant. Improvements include water lines (5,550 ft.), sewer separations consisting of storm sewers (3,200 ft.), sanitary sewers (5,200 ft.), new sidewalks, signage coordination, bike lanes, decorative lampposts, landscaped medians, brick crosswalks and removal of overhead utilities.  A traffic study was conducted which lead to reducing the number of signalized intersections. The overall goal was to improve the utility systems, develop a more attractive and safer environment for students and residents and to create a strong linkage between the College campus and the commercial district.

Coordination with College staff during design and construction was critical including identifying major activities on campus that might be effected by construction.