Danville Municipal Building

Danville, Kentucky

The development of the project began in 2003 with a City-wide study evaluating all of the buildings and departments within City government including the existing City Hall, Public Works Complex, Fire Headquarters and Police Department.  The highest need was determined to be a new police station.  Additionally, the 40 year old City Hall was deteriorating and needed serious improvements.  BCI’s recommendation to renovate the City Hall and construct a significant expansion project to house the police department under one roof was implemented.

This 38,000 s.f. facility expansion project allows the Police and Communications (911) departments to have adequate space for current needs and expansion in the future.  City Administration offices included the City Engineer, Finance, Information Technology, and the Mayor’s office.  A large lobby connecting a public meeting room to the existing building with the addition provides much needed public space and a sense of connection among all departments.  An unfinished basement will be used for future growth.