Georgetown Police Department

Georgetown, Kentucky

The City of Georgetown and the Georgetown Police Department contracted with BCI in 2013 to design and construct a new Police Department for the City of Georgetown. BCI reviewed multiple site locations ultimately helping the city to acquire property in the downtown corridor which will better serve their community. BCI has developed a two story, 23,750 square foot state-of-the-art Police Department. The building consists of Administration areas, Patrol Division, Detective Division, Evidence Storage and Processing, Holding Cell, In-Custody Processing, Vehicle Sallyport, Secure Parking for Police Vehicles. The two main mandates from the City and Police Chief was to provide a department that was a part of the Community of Georgetown and was a safe and inviting place for the community to use. BCI has delivered on those mandates providing the facility with victim and family visiting rooms, which produce safe environments for victims and children dealing with abusive situations and who need to talk privately with detectives or visit with family members. A State-of-the-Art Community Room with supporting kitchen and restrooms has been provided off the Main Lobby that can be used by the Police for Training and Community outreach. This room is also available to the public for other activities such as meetings for local businesses, philanthropic organizations and groups, or just citizens wanting to have a public discourse about a public issue in the community.