Morris County Parks Commission Strategic Plan

Morris County, New Jersey

The Strategic Plan is the first part of a 2-phase process that will result in a Comprehensive Master Plan for the Morris County Park Commission. The county has a population of 470,000 residents. The Park Commission System includes 31 sites with a total of 13,691 acres. Facilities include historic sites, golf courses, environmental education facilities, horticultural sites, a marina and a sports arena.

Brandstetter Carroll Inc. led a team of consultants in a citizen driven process that involved a steering committee, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, public forums, user group surveys and a statistically valid household needs assessment. The process involved benchmarking at a national and regional level. Recommendations defined the Park Commission’s role in the county wide parks, recreation and open space network, the desired market niches, establishment of priorities for facilities, programs and services and level of service standards for the county.