University of Kentucky Soccer-Softball Administration Building

Lexington, Kentucky

The existing UK Softball and Soccer Complex consisting of 4,425 s.f. is being renovated, and a 1,185 s.f. addition is being added to expand the complex. This renovation and addition will create more usable office and support space for the Women’s Softball coaches and athletic staff and more space for the Men’s and Women’s soccer coaches and athletic staff. This will also provide the coaches and athletic staff with restroom and locker facilities along with a nice reception and waiting area for the visiting public.

The existing building will have all interior walls, finishes, and mechanical systems removed and replaced. All new plumbing and plumbing fixtures will be provided for the facility. The electrical lighting is also being replaced for more high efficiency fixtures. The communication technology is being completely upgraded to meet  modern standards and achieve integration with the University systems.

The exterior of the building is being addressed with a new facelift to tie the existing facility into the new Softball and Soccer Athletic Complex. The exterior plaza will have improvements added such as new seating and new walkways to the Soccer and Softball Stadiums.