Top 12 Considerations for Designing First Responder Facilities

By: Eric M. Chambers, AIA, CID, LEED GA, CDT As an architect, it is exciting to design Mission Critical Facilities ranging from Police Stations to Fire Stations, EMS Facilities, Emergency Operation Centers, and other similar public safety facilities. These facilities are unique since they have such distinct features and are icons for our communities. It is also due to the fact that our First Responders (Policemen, Firemen, Dispatchers, EMT’s, etc.) work to keep our communities safe places to live, work,…

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american legion aquatics park

6 ways to Boost Revenues for your Aquatic Facility

6 ways to BOOST REVENUES for your Aquatic Facility By: Philip N. Schilffarth, AIA, CID, LEED AP, AFO 1. CONSTANTLY EVOLVE Don’t be afraid of change! Spend the winter months developing and implementing plans to be the absolute best at what you do! Remember that Evolving your Aquatic Facility doesn’t just involve features. Think small first. Many small milestones can equate to a huge accomplishment! 2. CREATE YOUR IDENTITY Branding is a great way to create interest and attract more…

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Why I Became an Architect?

By: Elizabeth S. Holser, AIA After nearly 30 years of being an Architect I get asked two questions most often- What is becoming of the Architectural Design Profession? Why would you want to be an Architect? My answers to these questions have evolved. Somewhere I’ve read that Architects do not hit their stride until around age 50. I agree, as Architects we are required to orchestrate and integrate an incredible breadth of knowledge. We must learn sociology, psychology, human tendencies,…

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